1. To do all work in a neat, orderly and timely manner

2. To keep all appointments and to maintain communication with the customer

3. To continue the work on-site until the job is complete

4. To make sure the customer is happy with the design and installation

5. To build the water feature to or above the industry standard

6. To give a one year warranty on all labor and materials

7. To promptly fix or correct any area that may need it

8. To provide the customer with continuous technical support

9. To make sure the final product is a work of art

10. To make sure the customer is
100% satisfied.
What Separates Us

There are many companies who build water features
and call themselves experts.  The fact is most of these
companies add it to the long list of extras they will do
to make a few extra dollars, but really don't know the
ins and outs of ponds and other water features.  
Creative Cascades is owner operated and has almost
a decade of experience in JUST water features
Creative Cascades Customer Guarantee
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