Pond Services
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Creative Cascades' ponds are a little different than other ponds, and we think that's a good thing!  We pride
ourselves on building custom ponds that consistently exceed our customer's expectations.  When designing and
installing a pond, we are not only creating a self-sustained ecosystem, but also an exquisite work of art.  We only
use the highest quality products and there is no use of toxic chemicals.  The system we install is a revolutionary
system that works with nature, not against it.  
Creative Cascades' ponds are surprisingly low in maintenance,
low in cost, and high in beauty.
One of the most rewarding decisions you will ever make is to add a koi pond to your garden. A koi
pond offers an oasis of tranquility to which you can retreat from your everyday stress. It appeals
to your senses. The spilling, cascading, and rippling water is not only a refreshing sound that
washes away your worries, but also a visual stimulant that calms your nerves. The wildlife
attracted by the pond brings you closer to nature. It transforms your property into an extraordinary
environment which is an ecosystem within itself.